How to exercise (almost) daily

Recently I managed to fit exercise as part of my daily routine, working out feels like a normal part of my life. On average I work out between 5-6 times a week. However I remember that this took time to… View Post

Quick morning stretches for a gentle start of the day.

Morning stretches are so vital to wake up. Especially as a lot of us have been working from home for an extended amount of time now. Slowly moving your body and gently warming up your muscles and joints after a… View Post

How to start meditation – a beginner’s guide

Just before the pandemic I was lucky enough to complete yoga teacher training in Thailand. Mindfulness and meditation were a huge part of becoming a yoga teacher. Our daily practice included a 30-minute meditation everyday at 6:30am. I used to… View Post

The one habit that improved my acid reflux.

For a long time, I have been suffering from acid reflux. How did I find out? Through an anxiety attack while I was lying down after a (heavy) meal. My heart was pounding, I felt breathless and I really thought… View Post

How to stay grounded within the chaos

Watching the shore can help you feel more grounded

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