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Hi there!

I’m Laurianne and I live in London. Since my teenage years, I am been thriving to improve myself and live a more fulfilling life.

After being diagnosed with anxiety in my twenties, I have been frantically searching for ways to calm my anxiety attacks. Throughout the years I have discovered that I needed to take a holistic approach to mental health. Therefore I have tried and tested lots of various changes to my daily life. I was always very keen to share about my learnings and how it can benefit others.

This blog is about my journey to get a calmer life despite anxiety – by implementing small incremental changes to our lives.

On a weekly basis I share my experience on which changes have improved getting a clearer and calmer mind – whether this is through nutrition, movement, relationships or simply shifting my mindset.

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is for general information only. This should not replace health care professional advice. Therefore, if you are concerned about your mental and physical health, please consult your therapist or GP.

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