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How to stay grounded within the chaos

How to stay grounded within the chaos

Sometimes life get busy, even chaotic at times. Workload, life transitions, parenting or navigating relationships can prove to be tricky. We struggle to ‘stay grounded’: we lose patience, calm and feel agitated.

Even with the best intentions, the best habit tracking systems, the best morning routines we end up feeling overwhelmed. We feel anxiety rising up in our body and our minds keep getting more agitated.

Recently I experienced an intense wave of anxiety whilst going through my massive to-do. I could not see the progress in my work whilst navigating tricky conversations and started to think: ‘Why do I even bother?’ I thought that I was losing patience.

We try to get things done while losing touch with ourselves. I don’t like use the term ‘selfcare‘ as we often associate it with indulgence (hello bubble bath and fried chicken). I tried to think about things we can do to ‘reset’ ourselves and that are (almost) free. Sometimes our brain need small shift to help us feeling more grounded.

Here are a couple of (small) things that I use when I feel things get overwhelming or in anticipation of a stressful event:

Change of air

This can be as simple as stepping outside in your garden / outside your building. Just feeling fresh air. Or watching the clouds above your heads.

Change of focus

If you are stuck in an office or at home, try shifting your focus from your screen to pen and paper (and more relaxing for your eyes). I personally like to build a list (of any kind really). You can also choose to bring your focus to your plants if you have some (I like to remind myself this is the perfect time to water my plants). Or simply take a moment to observe the patterns of the leaves, the stems and the soil. Plants are the perfect reminder to stay grounded.

Change of décor

I have my moments where I just cannot stand what is in front on my eyes (especially while working from home). I found out a small various of things in front of me usually helps. Declutter, rearrange the plants, make piles of scattered papers.

Change of breathe

I love to use what I call the ‘squared breathing‘. Spot an object in your surrounding with a squared shape. As you breathe in, focus on the one of its edge. Then, focus on the second edge as you hold your breathe. Then the third one as you breath out. And finally the fourth one as you hold your breath a second time.

Change of energy

I sometimes feels overwhelmed and anxious when I am less energetic. An easy trick of mine is to re-energise myself is washing up some plates (or hanging laundry). Or doing some quick stretches. Anything that makes my body moves for a couple of minutes generally helps to clear my mind.

Not all of these tips might work for you. Some of them might just resonate more easily with you at a given time. Overtime, I have become much more in tune with my sensations (maybe I feel nervous because I am tired or a hungry) and learnt how to address my triggers.

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Stay grounded within chaos
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